Women's V-Neck T-shirt

Design Series: Imprint
collection #1-The Beginning
Base Price: $38.00 CAD

This design might have been called Zebra… but it rather makes you stand out from the herd. Probably not what your typical Zebra aspires to!

The splash of fuschia lends a liveliness and freshness to this design. An eyecatcher.

SKU: AOS-0003

Printing & Construction

The artwork is printed on a V-necked, 100% polyester t-shirt with a double rib neckband.

NOTE REGARDING THIS GARMENT: All-over, seam-to-seam art printing on garments is an imperfect process; especially at underarm or shoulder seams. Expect to see white patches or streaks where the fabric is not flat during printing.

We will add this note to any garments having the same print construction process.

To Order

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