Women's V-Neck T-shirt

Design Series: Flow Bodies
collection #2-Alien Safari
Base Price: $38.00 CAD


A day of sleuthing, adventure and stealth combat! Not really.

Borrowing only very lightly from the Ninja ethos, Assassin invites you to sharpen your mental swords and step out into a day that's going to be filled with deliberate action and swift decision-making.

Note: the back of this shirt is a full coverage print of the background texture.

Copyright on all images belong to the artist. All rights reserved.

SKU: AOS-0021

Printing & Construction

The artwork is printed on a V-necked, 100% polyester t-shirt with a double rib neckband.

NOTE REGARDING THIS GARMENT: All-over, seam-to-seam art printing on garments is an imperfect process; especially at underarm or shoulder seams. Expect to see white patches or streaks where the fabric is not flat during printing.

We will add this note to any garments having the same print construction process.

To Order

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