Dutch wax prints vs traditional mud cloth

Sat Jun 29 2019

OK so this was a cool find!

Traipsing around in the toronto timeline of Indigo magazine isles, I came across this amazing find!

First off, the fact that a magazine like Selvedge even exists (oh, and I love the name) is beyond fantastic. I wouldn't have thought such a niche thing as textiles would have a magazine in a mainstream bookstore.

Secondly, it's pretty neat that within its pages, you will discover a bit about Dutch Wax Print fabric (which everybody assumes originates in Africa... mostly because up until very recently we were the only ones making use of this fabric)... and also a really cool section about traditional African mud cloth. That's right - the stuff that used to be en vogue, before the likes of Vlisco and others swept into town :)

- Solfaia

selvedge mag mudcloth